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Meet Us: What Is Fantastic Escapades?

Hello Bizzy Bees!

Let’s talk about the story of Fantastic Escapades… the company that brought you Honeypot. Also, we are currently developing our newest intimate product that is guaranteed to improve sexual communication, enhance sexual stimulation, and amplify sexual pleasure...

...but you will have to stay tuned to find out more about our product that is being developed right now. Until then, we wanted to share with you why Fantastic Escapades was established and what it is all about.

Wouldn’t you agree that some of the most beautiful things in life emerge from some sort of pain, suffering, or rebirth. Think of the transformation a caterpillar must go through to become a butterfly that graces us with its presence.

Or think of what a mother endures to have a child through the birthing process. During birth, it is sooooo painful, but as soon as the baby is born… the beauty of the child in her arms somehow dissipates the pain. A year later, she is ready to have a baby brother or sister again… because the memory is kind!!

That is the case with Fantastic Escapades as well. Jessie and I have had our share of challenges within our life and our relationship. Through our own experiences and life-journey, we sought to escape from pain and suffering towards pleasure and freedom. If we could endure the most difficult times together, we knew a beautiful emergence would be inevitable. So, through our own emergence, we chose to start a company that helps others escape, become free, and create the life they have always dreamed of.

Let’s face it! If life is not about helping our fellow human beings, then what is it about?

Fantastic Escapades’ essence is all about helping you use your unrestrained imagination to create extravagantly fanciful and marvelous ideas… not necessarily based in reality… to escape by your own adventurous action that is counter to approved or conventional conduct. Put simply, Fantastic Escapades is using the power of imagination and feeling to escape away from restraint and towards freedom of expression and into the life of your dreams! We even completed our new logo recently.


For me personally, the vision of Fantastic Escapades is helping me become liberated from my own imaginary limitations that hold me back in life. Life is meant to be truly lived in the most unimaginable, extravagant, fanciful, marvelous and fantastic ways possible. Having the courage to be bold and adventurous as I escape from the world before my eyes and into the wondrous world within my mind and actually making it a reality has changed my life forever.

I believe choosing courage and escaping to the brightest parts of our imagination will set us free!

Honeypot, essentially is our Intimate Escapade… it was our first product and we were really excited to provide our closely acquainted customers with a private and personal escape into the sex-life or intimate-life of their dreams! It has been so rewarding for us to hear from you about how it has helped change so many sex-lives for the better!

When we were considering a new product, we started with the question, “What will help bring couples closer together in intimacy?”

Since we have helped our customers find a great solution during intercouse with Honeypot, we started looking at areas before and after intercourse that could use a lift. Through our own experience, we have had so much fun in different ways leading up to intercourse, so we wanted something really exciting and romantic that helps set the mood from the very beginning of an intimate rendezvous...

We want to give all those romantics out there the power to express their love in an idealized way with their lover. The spirit is a secret formula that helps us move from the mundane towards the tantalizing ideal version of one's romantic-reality.

As a woman, the most intimate and romantic times Denis and I have ever had are, surprisingly, NOT when we are goal oriented and going for the big “O”, but rather when he decides to slow things down and simply give me the gift of romance. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about… all that sensual energy and touch gives my mind the time it needs to catch up and really want him in a more sexual way.

As a man, the time and energy to focus on your woman in this way is an investment, but I’m telling you, boys… the investment is well worth it! Giving her the time to warm up, the romance to get her mind open, and you will be shocked by the woman you have on your hands and in your bed all of the sudden.

We are excited to unveil our newest product very soon!

Until next week… Get Bizzy,

Jessie & Denis


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